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In its popular designation, a spa is a hot spring, natural or not, as a bath or basin. It is used for relaxation, hot water with the benefits for the body. The first spas were in fact natural geothermal sources. In some areas, yet are modified little or no natural spas to enjoy the environment. By cons, our regions is less amenable to this type of training geothermal, spas found here will be custom built, from a natural water source, usually near a river.

Florida' spas have a range of activities for relaxation and body care.


Massage therapy encompasses a range of massage techniques which, despite their differences in philosophy and manipulation, share a number of principles and methods aimed at promoting relaxation (muscle and nerve), the blood and lymphatic circulation, the assimilation and digestion of food, the elimination of toxins, the functioning of vital organs and the awakening to consciousness psycho.

Most spas offer various massage techniques, to meet the specific needs of your body.

Swedish massage uses a massage oil combines firmness and softness. Swedish massage is a series of maneuvers applied one after the other on all parts of the body, in an order and a specific application. It runs primarily on the muscles and affects the nervous system. There are also effects on the overall health of the person.

Lymphatic drainage is a very subtle art of touch, which acts primarily as a remedy against stress. Its pace is slow. Maneuvers "in wave" are very precise and repetitive. This approach has the effect of stimulating the lymphatic system to release toxins and rejuvenate the body. Its main preventive effects of: circulation problems, water retention, cellulite, constipation and general loss of energy.

Sports massage is the deep musculature. The movements are executed at a rapid pace, including using the forearms, elbows and fists. It is for both professional athletes to people wishing to acquire a general relaxation and deep.

Thai massage is a combination of foot reflexology, acupressure and yoga, this massage without oil is given on clothing and carried out in four positions: front, side, and sit back. Thai massage acts on the peripheral system by light and easy stretching of the tendons and joints. The body is rocked slowly in positions that gently stimulate the internal organs.

The shiatsu massage is running the floor on a futon. It is performed without oil, on clothing, to be comfortable. This type of massage can eliminate stress, overcome insomnia and consolidates the powers of self-healing. This method of energizing massage, shiatsu will restore the vitality of the body, regulate the hormonal system, blood circulation and lymph fluid, eliminate waste, release muscle tension.

The hot stone massage is usually performed using basalt stones round and soft. The volcanic stones are used as a tool for massage. They will file a few seconds on specific points of the body to perform the massage with the stones. As the hot stones will seek energy from the earth, they create a climate that dissolves muscle tension, reduces pain and improves circulation. The cold stones, they are generally used at the end of treatment to cool the points of ignition and tighten pores.

Body care

Body wrap
Apply a thin paste vegetable or mineral, such as algae hot (usually combined with essential oils), the marine clay or even chocolate all over his body which will then be wrapped so that the heat promotes vasodilation and the massive penetration of healthy components in the body.

Provides a relaxing effect, helps remineralization while providing an energy boost. Eliminates toxins, relieves muscle and joint pain.

Then the client is wrapped in plastic wrap to facilitate penetration of the product and the customer is covered with a blanket.

Relaxes, moisturizes, stimulates the central nervous system and tones. They help relieve arthritis, osteoarthritis and muscle pain. Also helps in treating cellulite.

Process by which loosens dead skin cells to allow better absorption by the skin of the active ingredients in products used for body treatments (sea salt, sea clay, seaweed or granular creams designed for this purpose).

Additional treatment to wrap the body, the facial is a cosmetic treatment that involves a variety of facials, tells the steam, exfoliation, creams, masks and massage