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Laser Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Hair Removal, Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is the process of removing, temporarily or permanently, unwanted body hair from either visible body parts, such as face, legs or arms, or from less exposed body parts, such as pubis, back, chest or otherwise.


Hair removal is rarely performed for medical reasons. This is mainly just criteria of beauty, for comfort or hygiene.

The hair of the armpits, legs and torso is first of all sports, if one ignores religious approaches. In addition to the virtues of comfort and performance, waxing helps prevent odour retention during the oxidation of sweat.

Male hair removal is a fairly recent phenomenon, although the patterns of facial hair have been around for centuries. Men today are no longer content to shave whole or in part, they often use permanent methods of hair removal, salon or at home.

The facial hair removal is not limited to bearded men. The nose hair, ear and eyebrow are also frequently targeted. In women, the fine may also appear on the chin, cheeks and upper lip. Hormonal changes, such as menopause, can exacerbate these shoots.

The waxing of the legs, torso, arms and back are mainly performed for cosmetic reasons, both in men than women. However, many athletes do the same for reasons of comfort or performance.

Pubic hair removal is a matter of aesthetics and comfort. It is practiced in different ways, both in men than women. The methods go round the swimsuit at the hair full, including the complete tour of sex.

Total hair removal is rare, since it lends a lot of flaws. Among other things, it reveals the scars and impoverishes the hair. It is quite popular with girls for reasons of comfort.

Methods and hair removal treatments

Note that the waxing and shaving the hair will stimulate their growth. Especially if you shave or pluck too early, when the hormones are not finished making changes due to puberty, hair will grow back harder.


Temporary treatment

The razor is the most popular accessory if you want to perform the operation ourselves. Fast and efficient, it is perfect for the beard, armpits and legs. Less suitable for shaving the pubic, shaving, however, must be used frequently to keep the effect of shaving. The hair may seem harder to regrow, they are beveled. It is recommended to use a razor with shaving cream, the choice depends on skin type.

The tweezers used primarily to settle the details of the waxing or removing only a few unwanted hair, such as separation of the eyebrows or stray hairs anywhere on the body.

The electric epilator gives effective results and more durable than the razor. This is just the same principle as the tweezers. The epilator hair wraps up the tear with its bulb (root). Slower than the traditional razor, however, it is very effective and the effect lasts a few weeks.

Sandpaper works by friction, like sandpaper. The abrasive surface is rubbed on the part of the skin that you want to remove hair and damage the hair.

The wax helps to pull the hairs with their roots and thus allows an effective durable enough. There are several methods, but remains the most effective strips of hot wax, as heat helps open the pores of the skin and facilitates the operation, reducing the pain of the operation. The wax is more effective on long hair. There are other methods to wax cold or Eastern, but they are less effective and more painful. It is not recommended to use the methods of wax if you're prone to varicose veins or venous insufficiency.

Depilatory creams use a derivative of sulphur to dissolve the hair surface and to remove it without pain. This method requires frequent use, since the hair root is not torn.


Definitive treatment

The basic principle of laser hair removal is selective thermolysis. The radius cause localized damage by burning the black areas emitting hair without burning the rest of the skin. Hair removal by this process ultra-modern main target melanin. There are two types of melanin: eumelanin (which gives skin and black hair) and pheomelanin (which gives red hair, the color of Asian skin and freckles). Less hair contain melanin, the laser is less effective. It is for this reason that people with gray hair, red or blond are not good indications for laser hair removal. On the other hand, the skin contains more melanin, the lower the laser reaches the difference between the skin and hair. For this reason, black people or very dull skin cannot use this technique. Light skin and dark hair is the best combination for laser hair removal. For other skin types, the only solution is the electrolysis.

Pulsed light is derived from laser hair removal, but can treat large areas quickly. The idea is to project onto the skin flashes of light radiating in the infrared. The person should have previously shaved area treated. It may be better than shaving time of day. The dark hair absorbs the heat from the lightning that spreads up the hair root and burn the hair follicle where it is located. This method of hair removal works with the dark hair on light skin. Darker skin (eg due to a tan) can make the painful flashes of light, because the skin also absorbs heat. This method of hair removal involves regular sessions every 3 to 6 weeks for at least a year. It may help to pull the hair dark treated about 3 weeks to prevent the regeneration of the hair follicle. With someone young enough, this type of hair removal can be total. If the person is older, it remains to deal with white hair in a different way.