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Fat deposits under the skin that deforms the surface of certain parts of the body, cellulite beauty for many women. Indeed 90% of them are sensitive to this problem, but what is it? and where does it come?

This phenomenon is caused by the development of fat cells that accumulate in areas of the body of the woman. Lipogenesis (fat storage) is usually in the thighs, stomach, buttocks and hips. The formation of small balls leads to a deformation of the skin (especially fine in women), often referred to as "orange peel".



This problem is mainly caused by hormones, hormones control fat accumulation and may also promote water retention and some swelling. Cellulite is caused by a congestion of toxins
and water in adipose tissue. In other words, prevents the accumulation of fat
good circulation (elimination) of toxins and fluids, which means a
deformation of the skin.

The nature of this fat is also involved, as it is in most of the time gynoid type (secondary sexual characteristic of women). The proportion of fat gynoid varies from woman to woman based on their ethnicity or for family reasons (heredity).

Poor diet and lack of exercise also promote cellulite. Consumption of food rich in fat and salt (water retention) is an aggravating factor. A common weight change affects the elasticity of the skin and makes it more sensitive (which promotes the phenomenon orange peel). Do not make sport helps to slow the lymph flow to eliminate waste (toxins and fluids).


Information and advice

Of course, a healthy and balanced diet is advocated. All are calorie foods in moderation. The use of salt should be reduced. It is especially important to have a rigorous loss and weight gain, because any deviation will affect the elasticity of the skin and reveal the balls of fat.

  • Physical activity is essential for the elimination of toxins.

  • Stress should be avoided as it causes retention of water.

  • Drink plenty of water improves the elimination of toxins.


Clinical treatments against cellulite

Several solutions are available to combat cellulite.


Some massages can help eliminate toxins in the lymphatic system making it more effective.

Physical Activities

For physical activity programs specifically designed to treat cellulite are successful. The aerobics is particularly effective because it helps to burn calories and massage the body in contact with water.

Cellulite creams and gels

There are cellulite creams and gels on the market, these products help moisturize the skin and reinforce its elasticity.

Institutes and spas

Institutes and spas also offer services dedicated to the treatment of cellulite. Several techniques are available such as wraps and lymphatic drainage.

Household equipment

Equipment for home helps to remove cellulite. They are available in several different budget price. Several categories are available: massage equipment, electro-stimulators, fitness machines.


The electrolipolysis is to plant pins in the problem area is to send current in order to reduce cellulite.


Mesotherapy treats cellulite by injecting a solution into the skin. Several treatments are available depending on problems encountered.


Liposuction provides an opportunity to reshape the body by removing fatty deposits. This decreases the balls of fat.